The Finnish Anti-Counterfeiting Group (FACG) is a Finnish assocation campaigning against counterfeiting and piracy.

FACG was founded in 1998 and joined the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Network (GACG) the same year. The members mainly consist of representatives of the Finnish industry as well as of Finnish attorneys specialized in intellectual property rights.

The most important aim of FACG is to promote a better understanding of the importance of anti-counterfeiting work in Finland and to work for an effective enforcement of the anti-counterfeiting laws. FACG informs its members and the public of the current trends in counterfeiting and the changing legislation in the field. FACG aims to encourage a more proactive role of the legislator and to train policymakers, judges and prosecutors in the field of IPR crime.

FACG operates as a member of Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG) Network. More information about GACG available here.